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We have controlled spaces for storage of goods, ensuring their protection against: extreme temperatures, weather, plagues and losses.
This service offers our clients greater flexibility and peace of mind by knowing that their possessions are stored in a safe and modern environment.


1. We have storage capacity for the safekeeping of household items not needing immediate shipping and installation.

2. We have established processes that ensure the proper pest-free storage of items.

3. We provide boxes and packing materials and customized onsite support for the safe storage of your furniture, personal belongings, office equipment and files.

4. Your merchandise will be safely stored in our custody, under the strictest 24-hour security camera surveillance.

Obtain a quote by calling us at (01) (809) 566-4333 or by filling the following form.


  • Regina Koening #8
    Ensanche Paraíso
    Santo Domingo
    Dominican Republic

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  • Germania Pérez
    Logistics Officer

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